Edison College Canada

Our Story

At Edison College Canada, we are proud of our legacy and heritage. Established in 1973 as the Northwest Coast Institute of Arts and known for most of its 50 year lifespan under its former name, the “Victoria College of Art”, Edison College Canada is the oldest and largest institution on Vancouver Island that offers programs in Fine Arts, Illustration, and Animation.


As we head into our 50th year of operations, and given the unforeseen and challenging situations we have encountered over the past two years, we aim to assist our community by expanding our programs and offering training in industries that have suffered from a severe shortage of trained workers, including the Healthcare and Business sectors. In light of this transformation, as of July 12, 2022, we have changed our name to:


Edison College Canada


Though we are branching out into other disciplines, we believe that Art, Science, and Business are correlated. Business is an important part of Art, as artists need to promote their work and co-ordinate with patrons and clients; in turn, Art is crucial to Business, especially as a marketing tool for brands, products, and services. A creative and curious mind is also crucial in the field of Science, as artists and scientists are both required to study and investigate the world around them to further their practices. Art serves as a powerful means of communication in Science, Business, and countless other fields, and has greatly influenced all aspects of society for the entire history of humankind.


Edison College Canada, will continue to create a premium educational experience in an advanced, professional, and stimulating environment led by our expert instructors.

Our mission is to provide a platform for a transformative educational experience focusing on industry relevant training, interpersonal skills, and personal goals in a safe, encouraging, and inclusive space.


Our vision is to be in constant pursuit of excellence in education, empowering our graduates to be well-rounded difference-makers; and to provide the tools for growth and the space to express ideas freely and organically, enabling dreams to become reality.


The values that we strive to embody are: Compassion by responding with sensitivity; Courage in the face of adversity; Diversity through fostering a welcoming atmosphere; Integrity with adherence to these values; and Lifelong Learning in the pursuit of knowledge.