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1-Year Diploma Program

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Program Description

The Illustration Diploma is a one-year comprehensive program that prepares students for a career in illustration. Through hands-on studio courses paired with theory, history and business seminars, students will learn the technical, conceptual, and professional methods necessary to navigate a variety of illustration fields including editorial art, picture books, comics, graphic novels, and concept art. The program utilizes both analogue and digital techniques, allowing each student to hone their unique skill, develop a marketable style, and strengthen their creative voice, all while learning the ins and outs of the illustration industry, and how to thrive in it.

This program has been reviewed and approved by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training.

Featured Student Gallery

Mykle Amon came into this program with a clear and well-developed style, but over the course of the program he has continued to reveal the breadth of his talent by extending his skills as a draughtsman and designer. His work shows care and attention in the design and execution of each line and shape, and he has a natural talent for the complementary interplay of text and image


Admission Requirements

  • High School Graduate or equivalent OR mature student status (19 years or older prior to starting the program)
  • Meet one of the following English Language Proficiency requirements:
    • Minimum Grade 10 English (Domestic Students)
    • Overall IELTS 5.0, CLB Level 5, Duolingo score of 75-80, OR ECC test score of 55/100


Illustration Principles
Drawing Fundamentals
History of Illustration
Drawing: Figure & Form
Digital Fundamentals
Painting Fundamentals
Business of Illustration
Illustration Topic: Editorial


Editiorial: Magazines, Book Publishing
Children’s Books: Picture Book Illustration
Comics/Graphic Novels: Artistic Storytelling
Textiles: Fabric Design
Ephemera: Short-lived Art Items
Animation: Character Motion Design
Video Games: Concept Art
Film/Music: Promotional Visuals

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