Our Process

At Edison College Canada, we understand you are looking to embark on a new career path that requires an investment of time and finances. We want you to finish what you start, as our focus is outcome-driven. We will be alongside to support you during your journey all the way to your final destination – a new career!

Please review our program offerings, and at any time feel free to get in touch with us through our “Request Info” button. We will get back to you answering all of your questions, and we will also be able to provide you with more pertinent program information and details, including:

  • Program content
  • A tour of our facilities (in-person or virtual)
  • Employment services and career options
  • Labour market research (current and forecast) and average wages
  • Class schedules
  • Admission requirements
  • Program funding options

We are also available for one-on-one information sessions to better understand your needs and what we can do for you in real time. After this initial first step, if you decide to entrust us with your career training, we will go over the next steps over email outlining any documents we need from you.

Our Admissions department will take 24 hours to process your application and then send you a letter of acceptance.

Scholarships & Financial Options


As part of our 50th Anniversary celebrations, Edison College Canada is giving away a $5,000 scholarship to every student starting a program in 2023, plus a Free Laptop or Drawing Tablet to enhance their online learning experience!

If you were thinking of training for a new career, seize this opportunity!

Financial Options

Our Financial Advisor will present, explain, and suggest the best funding option based on your situation and circumstances.

Options could include:

RESP:  You may use this for educational investments without penalties.
Bank loan:  Most banking institutions offer a student line of credit.
EI:  If you are unemployed, you may meet the criteria for sponsored training.
Self-payments:  Equal monthly instalments over the duration of your program.

Government Student loans: Many of our students choose to access a student loan. Student loans are interest-free while you are in school and repayment commences after you graduate. Your loan could have a grant component with special incentives available due to the pandemic. These are determined by the government and may not be available in the future, making this a great opportunity to pursue your education.