Attendance Policy

Edison College Canada is required to take attendance by provincial regulators and report delinquent attendance to the concerned agencies. Make note that:

  • Some programs may have additional attendance requirements. Refer to your program outline for details.
  • Attendance is recorded daily from the first day the class is scheduled.
  • When a class cannot run at its scheduled time, it will be rescheduled and the students will be informed. Students are required to attend all rescheduled classes.
  • Attendance is taken in every class, handed in at the end of class, and reconciled.
  • Students who miss over 50% of a class are marked absent.
  • Late arrivals and early departures from class are noted in the attendance record and may be added to the total time absent.
  • If a student is going to be absent it is their responsibility to notify the Instructor and College as soon as possible via email.
  • If applicable, students must attend all work experience sessions or shifts. If a student is unable to attend a work experience session or shift they must notify the College and their work experience host.
  • All absences are recorded regardless of the reason for the absence.
  • When students are unable to attend for 5 consecutive days without prior notice and approval, they will receive a formal written warning.
    • Students who miss 10 consecutive days without prior notice and approval may be withdrawn. 
  • If the student’s attendance drops to 75%, they will be placed on academic probation. 
  • Students are expected to maintain an attendance rate of at least 70%. Students who miss 30% of the program may be dismissed from their program and the relevant funding agencies will be informed, if applicable. 

The College recognizes only the following as valid reasons for excusable absence.

  • Personal sickness accompanied by a valid doctor’s note upon return. 
  • Medical or family emergencies.
  • Death in the immediate family.
  • For any other reasons, please speak with your instructor.

It is the Instructor’s responsibility to accurately maintain all attendance registers/e-files. A record of each student’s attendance may be placed in a student’s file by the College.


All students should attend and be on time for all classes. A student is responsible for notifying the campus of the absence prior to the start of a class. Attendance is the document of record that demonstrates to auditors that students have received all program hours indicated in either the course or program outline. Attendance is recorded from the first day of scheduled classes and not the first day of attendance by a student. 

Instructors may use the following convention to record attendance:

  • P – Present – Student attended the entire class
  • E – Excused Absence – Student missed the entire class but had informed the instructor
  • U – Unexcused Absence – Student missed the entire class and has not informed the instructor
  • L – Late – Student was late for the class

Attendance Monitoring

  1. Attendance taking is required for all enrolled students for the entire period of enrolment. This applies to work experience placements.
  2. For each course an attendance register or e-file is available. The register/e-file will be made available to Instructors. 
  3. Instructors will take attendance at each class. Students are not permitted to mark their own attendance. The register/e-file must be kept securely by Instructors. Attendance will note how many hours a student attended. Notes should be made for excused absences and late arrivals. This missed time is accumulated over the length of a student’s program and may result in the student being placed on ‘academic probation’.
  4. This document will be protected and only a designated attendance recorder assigned by the Campus Director will have ‘editing’ access. All changes will be noted by the date and the person making the change.
  5. Instructors will immediately notify the Senior Educational Administrator and/or the Campus Director of any unusual attendance patterns.

Important Contacts:

  1. President – Edward Jonathan [email protected]
  2. Campus Director – Unnati Hunjan [email protected] 
  3. Senior Educational Administrator – Simrat Minhas [email protected]