Dismissal Policy

The College reserves the right to dismiss any student:

  • Whose conduct is detrimental to the safety and integrity of the College environment or a risk to other students, staff, and instructors or to the College or
  • Who violates the ‘Respect and Fair Treatment of Students’ policy or
  • Whose academic progress is unsatisfactory.
  • Other items listed below under ‘Actionable Items’

Notification of Dismissal

When the College has determined that a student will be dismissed the student will be notified in writing in person or by registered mail. The ‘Letter of Dismissal’ will describe the nature of the violation (including date and time), the basis and rationale for the dismissal and the effective date. 

The Campus Director will determine if there are any other monies due, the amount of the tuition refund, if any, if the ancillary costs should be refunded, the amount, and the person or agency that this money should be returned to. Refund calculations will be based on the date of dismissal. 

The letter of dismissal will include a summary of the student’s financial account prepared by the Campus Director including a statement describing the student’s financial responsibility if money was provided by a government funding agency, through a scholarship, or a grant. The College will notify the government funding agency(s) or other external agency(s) as required of the student’s change in enrolment status.

A copy of the student’s notification, any supporting documentation, the College’s letter of dismissal, and any correspondence in any form with the student and/or funding agencies is to be retained in the student’s file. 

Appeal of Dismissal

 Students may appeal their dismissal by following the Dispute Resolution Process. The appeal must be done in writing and delivered to the Campus Director within 5 business days. The appeal should indicate the reasons that a student should be permitted to return to the College and the steps the student is going to take to remediate the circumstances of the dismissal to meet accepted conduct and/or academic policies. The Campus Director will review the circumstances, reasons, and remediation plan and will decide within 5 business days to allow the student to return or to uphold the original decision.

Actionable Items

In addition to the list of behaviours listed in the ‘Respect and Fair Treatment of Students’ policy, the following is a list of actions or behaviours that may result in disciplinary steps being taken and/or dismissal from the College.

  1. Academic Dishonesty – Students will be subject to immediate dismissal, at the discretion of the College Director, for academic dishonesty, which is defined but not limited to any word, action or deed that provides an unfair advantage to one’s self or another student, including the following.
    1. Cheating, plagiarism
    2. Alteration of records
    3. Copying another student’s academic work
    4. Use of technology which has not been permitted
    5. Theft of another student’s academic work
    6. Breach of copyright
  2. Unpaid Fees – A student may be dismissed from a program after being given a written warning describing any outstanding unpaid tuition or program-related fees.
  3. Student Conduct – Students are required to adhere to a code of conduct. Students who are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol or carrying weapons will be subject to immediate dismissal.
  4. Academics – Students who fail to achieve the required academic standing in their programs may be dismissed from the program. The College may at its discretion offer alternatives to a student. 
  5. Misrepresentation – The College has a responsibility to ensure students have been admitted in accordance with the registration requirements for the program. Students who knowingly misrepresent their applications are subject to immediate dismissal.
  6. Attendance – Students who do not achieve the required attendance are subject to dismissal. See ‘Attendance Policy’ for additional details.
  7. College Property – Students who damage, misuse, steal or otherwise use the property in a way that is prohibited will be dismissed and will be required to make restitution.
  8. Safety – Students who by action or neglect in any way endanger the safety of themselves or others may be dismissed.

Important Contacts:

  1. President – Edward Jonathan [email protected]
  2. Campus Director – Unnati Hunjan [email protected]